A Secure Home

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One of the best examples I have ever seen of a well thought out secure home.

YES! You can build a beautiful, nearly disaster proof home that is so environmentally friendly and energy efficient that the Environmental Protection Agency doesn't have a rating for it. These amazing, affordable homes are not only nearly maintenance free, they will be a long-term investment that you could pass down to your children and grandchildren! Costs to build are comparable to a standard wood-frame home, and they don't require any specialized skills or quirky techniques to construct. What's the secret? These earth sheltered homes use the good earth itself to produce all the benefits you will read about here. How very natural!


I have no experience in any of this - just find it fascinating.

Securing your home and protecting your family requires more than simply installing solid door locks and a security system. As people in the Northeast discovered during the 1998 winter ice storms, crime is only one type of misfortune that can strike a family.

Spray On Plastics has been constructing an earth-sheltered home, in Rockwood, Ontario. It is a dome shaped, reinforced concrete structure designed by Formworks Building Systems in Durango, Colorado.

Decor for your "secure" home!