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Yesterday in class, a student asked why more wasn't done to stop the plot of 9/11. When I responded that the plot might not have been executed had the CIA shared information with the FBI, Mr. Bolos said he'd "quibble" with that idea and said there was a long history of rivalry between the departments.

While it is true that there has been a long-standing mistrust between these government agencies, relations became outright hostile in the years leading up to the World Trade Center attacks.

According to Lawrence Wright, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11, "the CIA eagerly institutionalized the barrier that separated it from the Bureau" (343). The CIA "blocked the Bureau's investigation into the USS Cole attack [which] allowed the attack to proceed" (342). Further, Wright argues that John O'Neill, the FBI's point man on al-Qaeda could have "taken the morsels of evidence that the CIA was withholdingand marshaled a nationwide dragnet that would have stopped 9/11" (350).

The bi-partisan 9/11 Commission supports Wright's contentions by concluding that the CIA "didn't alert the State Department's 'TIPOFF' list"...nor did the CIA share this explosive informaiton with the FBI, which had primary domestic responsibility for protecting the United States from terrorism, and a team of agents specifically devoted to going after Al Qaeda" (Jane Mayer, The Dark Side, 15).


U.S. Agencies Battle Each Other on the Internet

The U.S. government is struggling to rebuild its image after it failed to discover the plot to attack America on Sept. 11.

The FBI and CIA, two agencies charged with law enforcement and intelligence operations, have taken the most heat for the failure. Both agencies had few areas of cooperation prior to Sept. 11.

Now the FBI and CIA have suddenly discovered conflicting roles inside cyberspace.

The FBI recently was forced to reveal another part of its Cyber-Knight project, an effort by the agency to monitor all Internet communications.

Last year the FBI was forced by privacy advocates to reveal that it had a new software program called Carnivore designed to monitor Internet e-mail. The Carnivore system is reportedly installed not on home personal computers but on Internet Service Provider computers, allowing the agency to siphon off data from suspected customers.

The FBI is reportedly using a new and improved version of Carnivore, a software program designed to monitor secure e-mail over the Internet. The new FBI program, called Magic Lantern, is described as key logger software designed to steal the pass phrase used to start the popular encryption program PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy.

A key logger program is designed to capture keystrokes – what a user keys in – and then store the data in a separate location for later retrieval by a hacker. The FBI plans to use Magic Lantern to capture PGP information to crack encrypted e-mail and intercept Internet data.

Magic Lantern Flaws

Magic Lantern reportedly can be sent in a fashion similar to several virus programs, either as an attachment via e-mail or downloaded from an infected Web site. However, the Magic Lantern program may also be mistaken for a virus program.

The sudden discovery of Magic Lantern caused a flurry of activity from computer software producers. Anti-virus software maker McAfee Associates denied a recent report that it was working with the FBI to ensure its software would not stop the Magic Lantern program. McAfee spokesman Tony Thompson denied it had any contact with the FBI on Magic Lantern.

According to an official statement by the anti-virus maker, "Network Associates/McAfee.com anti-virus programs will continue to protect our customers' computers from any program that intrudes into their system against their desires or without the knowledge of our customer."

Magic Lantern is also not perfect. Magic Lantern suffers from another flaw in that it is not designed to stop other popular computer encryption programs such as Softwar Pcypher and Mystx public key encryption systems.

These encryption software utilities do not use pass-phrase technology and are immune to Magic Lantern-type attacks. E-mail and data scrambling is done with the mouse using data keys that can be stored on offline diskettes, zip drives or CD disks.

CIA Triangle Boy

Yet, as the FBI struggles to introduce its new system to monitor the Internet, the CIA is working to develop a software program that thwarts government monitoring.

The CIA is a major sponsor of SafeWeb, a company that distributes a free program called Triangle Boy. Triangle Boy allows users to surf the Web anonymously. Citizens inside dictatorships are using the program to avoid monitoring by the oppressive regimes.

Triangle Boy operates much like a mail forwarding service. Each user request to view a Web page is scrambled and randomly sent to another machine, which actually performs the request, returning the data to the original user. Triangle Boy is very popular inside China, and the Chinese government is working hard on ways to counter secure access to the Internet.

SafeWeb reportedly receives hundreds of e-mails a day from grateful Triangle Boy users worldwide. However, SafeWeb's growing audience in China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Syria is in direct conflict with FBI efforts to monitor potential terrorist communications.

Despite the concerns, Triangle Boy's developer, SafeWeb's CEO Stephen Hsu, claims terrorists would not use the program.

"A terrorist would be crazy to use SafeWeb," stated Hsu, who noted that the CIA backs his company.

Yet Triangle Boy can be abused, and software vendors have rushed to develop new programs designed to counter the CIA's secure Internet browser.

Porn or Politics?

"I knew that if I knew about Triangle Boy, anybody who was really interested in porn would know about it too," stated Ed Miller, a security operations manager at Computer Sciences Corp.

Filtering vendor 8e6 Technologies, whose customers include major companies such as Computer Sciences Corp., recently developed a way to block Triangle Boy. 8e6 Technologies declined to comment on how its X-Stop filtering system disables Triangle Boy.

"Several IT (information technology) people at the universities and schools that I consult for did extensive research into this," noted Eric Gerlach, a Network Integration Consultant for Southwestern Bell Telephone.

"I have a few insights and an easy fix for it," noted Gerlach.

Ironically, many inside the computer security field declined to describe ways to stop Triangle Boy – not for technical reasons but for political reasons.

Software experts are usually anxious to publish flaws inside Microsoft operating systems or other major software packages. Yet this is not the case for Triangle Boy.

"Normally, I'm all for publishing flaws in software, but on this one I have to vote against," stated one computer security expert located in the Netherlands.

"The Chinese finally have access to the Internet. The flaws could be used by the Chinese government to block the Internet once again."




The Sons of the Gestapo vs The Sons of the Abwehr

To understand who the Sons of the Gestapo are in current American history, it will be necessary to take a brief history lesson of both Nazi Germany and the international bankers who are behind the push for a world government under their control, i.e. The New World Order.

The Gestapo was Hitler's secret police, its mandate gave it complete power within the borders of Germany. We can compare it to the mandate given to the FBI when the FBI was first created. The FBI was not allowed to carry out operations outside the United States, that job fell to the CIA and other agencies. In Germany the Gestapo was like the FBI, and the Abwehr was like the CIA. The Abwehr was the intelligence gathering agency that operated on a world level. It was headed by Navy Admiral Wilhelm Canaris.
There was animosity and distrust between the Gestapo and the Abwehr. The Gestapo was loyal to Hitler, the Abwehr was behind the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler. The Gestapo followed their leader blindly. The Abwehr understood that Hitler would destroy Germany if they didn't destroy him first.
The Abwehr was made up of the nobility of Germany and Austria, who were steeped in the tradition of the German military as opposed to Hitler's SS and the Gestapo. The Abwehr wished Germany and Austria to regain the power and influence they had before the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire, a fall that was the first step taken by the NWO in their attempt to create a world government. They knew Hitler was their enemy, and a conspiracy was put into action as far back as 1938 to assassinate him.

They placed a bomb beneath his desk. It exploded, but did not kill him.
After the attempt to assassinate Hitler failed, many of the Abwehr conspirators escaped Europe and eventually were brought to the United States. These men worked with the United States government to create both the CIA and Navy Intelligence as we know it today. The Abwehr men came into the United States before the end of WWII, therefore they had made inroads into the U.S. government long before the influx of German scientists and other high ranking German officers were brought into this
country. When the Gehlen group was brought over, many former Gestapo were part of it. Most of these men were given new identities, sometimes even new faces and fingerprints. By 1955, the United States military and intelligence services had become the new battle ground for the Gestapo and the Abwehr. The feud that had started in Germany was being carried on at a higher level within the U.S.. government and around the world.

The leaders of the Abwehr had discovered the reason that Churchill and Roosevelt would not help them assassinate Hitler. Briefly put, the three leaders along with Stalin, were controlled by the same international cabal. We now call this cabal the New World Order, and we know that it is made up of International Bankers and the corporations they control. This group gained its foothold in the United States in 1913 when it took over control of the United States currency by establishing the Federal Reserve Bank. They went on to finance the Russian revolution, WWI and WWII. All of these were necessary steps on the path to a one world government.

The NWO international bankers controlled Hitler. Hitler controlled the Gestapo. When the Gestapo came to the U.S.., they were controlled by the NWO through the various agencies and foundations that had been established by the NWO to carry out its plan.

The Abwehr arrived first, and they were instrumental in setting up the CIA. Even though it only operated under their control for the first few years, the Abwehr was able to put in place a covert arm of the CIA that has operated independently of the CIA ever since. These men and their physical and ideological descendants, are the sworn enemies of the NWO and their present-day Gestapo lackeys. They still operate out of the covert CIA and a secret Navy that exists within the Navy.

The Gestapo settled into various agencies, and at all levels of government. But their greatest concentration was in the FBI, Secret
Service and the BATF. People in the know in American government know that there has been a long battle between the CIA and the FBI. This battle goes all the way back to WWII and before. It is a battle between freedom and slavery. It is a battle for the domination of the planet. One group will impose slavery, the other group's agenda is opposed to slavery.

The Gestapo and the Sons of the Gestapo are now very entrenched in the American government. The three above named agencies (FBI, Secret Service, and BATF) are where most of them, but not all of them are hiding. Their allegiance is not the U.S.. government, but to their NWO masters; the international bankers and the United Nations. For more information on the NWO read Carroll Quigley's book, "Tragedy and Hope"; Rene Wormser's," Foundations, Their Power and Influence"; "The Creature from Jekyll Island", an expose of the Federal Reserve; and "The Secrets of the Temple" by Eustace Mullins. To understand the Abwehr and their place in history, read "The Canaris Conspiracy".

The NWO needs to bring about chaos in America so that it can impose martial law which will be enforced by United Nation troops. The bombing in Oklahoma City was the first step in creating this chaos. Many crucial records from Waco and Ruby Ridge were destroyed in the bombing, but also destroyed were the records of the Germans who were brought into this country after WWII. Their first home in America was in Oklahoma.

The Sons of the Gestapo who are now firmly entrenched in America government believe that they have finally won WWII. They have brought the U.S. to its knees and because of this they feel emboldened enough to proclaim to the world who they are. They know that the media is controlled by the NWO and that they will not be exposed for who they are. The media will point the finger for the recent train derailment at racist groups and the militia, and will further enflame the racial tension that is being created in the country as a result of the Simpson trial. Clinton will use this derailment as another reason to push through his terrorist bill. Like the bombing of the Reichstag, the bombing of OKC and now this derailment have been created by agents within government to bring about a desired result. The Sons of the Gestapo are truly the real sons of the men who planned the bombing of the Reichstag. The virus that infected Germany has been unleashed upon the United States. How long do we have left? And what can be done to stop them before they destroy the United States the way they destroyed Germany?


The CIA now reigns supreme in the international narcotics trade arena. Inevitably, the agency will further infect us with the drug plague; that's simply the way it does business.

The FBI is all but out of the narcotics game, gutted in the May-June battle over who was to blame for September 11. Somebody had to pay for the Bush administration's falling poll numbers, as the facts surrounding the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks finally began to assemble themselves under full public gaze.

All Americans - Black Americans, especially - should be terrified at the CIA's bureaucratic victory. In the course of more than half a century, the agency's European, Asian and Latin American adventures have led directly to the establishment and continual expansion of the global drug trafficking network. We have now reached the point at which U.S. resistance to the drug trade comes to a full stop.

With the CIA in charge, the War on Drugs is over.

The effective surrender came in late May, when FBI Director Robert Mueller announced that 400 drug agents would be "redirected" to the all-encompassing War on Terror. In addition, the CIA would play a larger role in the FBI's own "intelligence analysis" functions, thus penetrating the J. Edgar Hoover Building, itself. The spook agency's victory was complete.

The FBI's role on the domestic side of the drug trade - that is, what happens to narcotics once they have penetrated U.S. borders - has been seriously curtailed. FBI drug task force manpower is to be reduced by up to two-thirds.

Much more critically, only the CIA will have the resources to track the global drug highways. The Drug Enforcement Administration is puny by comparison, and counts for nothing in President Bush's bogus War on Terror. The DEA has always gotten stomped in turf conflicts with the CIA.

Under this new regime, the world is the CIA's oyster, and the drug lords are its friends. The agency's deepening and multiplying alliances in Latin America and Asia insure that cocaine and heroin will flood the United States in unprecedented quantities.

There is, literally, no one with the will or resources to stem the worldwide flow of drugs into our cities and towns. In a real sense, Bush's war has succeeded in defeating the American people.

The criminals are in charge

In the April 5 issue of Black Commentator, we described the CIA as the virtual architect of the international drug trade. (See Make This Amendment) This air, land and sea highway was established through successive American Cold War deals with criminals, beginning with the Italian and French mobsters who proved so helpful in undermining strong socialist and communist European movements after World War Two. The gangsters were rewarded with impunity in setting up their new drug networks, including the famed French Connection. The CIA was born into a world of narco-dealing intrigue, in which the agency became a central player. Dope gained a strong foothold in the ghettos of the U.S. The CIA made it possible.

The Vietnam War saw the CIA evolve into the international arbiter of the heroin trade. Its Laotian, Thai and Burmese allies were nothing more than heroin traffickers with guns. The CIA's vast logistical resources were placed at the disposal of the drug armies, while client governments facilitated passage of massive shipments through their ports. Over the space of only a few years and under the agency's guidance, the Asian heroin trade increased tenfold! That's how the CIA's armies got paid.

The same formula was later applied in Afghanistan. By now, most Americans are aware that the $2 - $3 billion the U.S. provided to anti-Soviet fighters - almost entirely administered by the CIA - eventually gave us the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. However, the devastation wrought in American cities was immediate. The CIA's Afghan and Pakistani friends, operating with total impunity, took only two years to capture 60% of the U.S. heroin market, from 1979 to 1981.

CIA Afghan chief Charles Cogan dismissed the domestic narcotics disaster. "I don't think that we need to apologize for this," Cogan told the press, in 1995. "Every situation has its fallout."

Back in Afghanistan with a vengeance, the Bush administration is following the lead of the very same CIA agents that brought high quality, cheap heroin to American streets in the early 1980s. Some of these agents are getting old, but the post-September 11 call to arms put them back in business, as reported by USA Today on June 17:

The agency pulled hundreds of retired officers back to active duty, especially those who had worked in Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion there in 1979….

The CIA officers brought with them language proficiency, interrogation skills and Afghanistan expertise that the commandos could not match. They also had clearance to do some things the soldiers could not: hand out large satchels of cash and call in weapons drops to buy information and allegiances from Afghan fighters.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cannot contain his euphoria at the scope and speed of America's deployment of "advisors" everywhere he can find a landing field - most of them either CIA or under agency supervision. (Special Forces troops often operate under direct agency control.) "That is why we're cooperating with Pakistan, that's why we're training people in Yemen and in Georgia and in the Philippines, for them to be able to do a better job of going after them - the terrorists," Rumsfeld told the New York Times, June 17.

Nothing has changed in the past two decades, except the designated enemy. Soviets or "terrorists," it's all the same to Rumsfeld, the man with the corporate executive smile, and Bush, the guy with the crooked one. We refer the reader to the April 5 issue of The Black Commentator:

We must now expect a narcotics onslaught from multiple points around the globe, simultaneously. In the guise of a war on terrorism - which means whatever George Bush wants it to mean - and at breakneck speed, the U.S. is setting up shop in several former Soviet Central Asian republics, as well as the former Soviet Georgia, in the Caucasus. The official excuse is anti-terror, the real reason is oil and natural gas, but the end result will be tons of poppy derivatives bound for the United States: the "fallout."

Indonesia, Yemen and the Philippines are also great places for cultivating drug enterprises to pay off foreign collaborators in the world war on "terror." U.S. intelligence agencies are there, in force, looking for recruits in dark places. We have an idea how they will be compensated. The same actors that brought us the previous drug epidemics are in charge of these far-flung outposts, employing identical modus operandi, infecting yet more regions of the world with their fatal touch.

Standing truth on its head

Certainly, little has changed in Colombia in the two decades since Reagan and his war-dog, Oliver North, tapped and vastly enhanced the CIA's cocaine connections to fund the murderous war against Nicaragua. The U.S. crack cocaine epidemic erupted at precisely this time, the early to mid-1980s.

The Colombian government remains soaked in cocaine money - the archetypal narco-regime - while the guerillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, in the Spanish acronym) are limited to taxing the raw coca crops of the peasants in FARC territories.

Yet, the U.S. corporate media relentlessly repeat as fact Bush's bald lie, that FARC guerillas control the drug trade. This is nonsense. The guerillas dominate remote areas in about a quarter of the country - taxing peasants is about all they can handle. The real international drug trade, which refines, packages, markets and ships the final coca product, is run from offices like any other multi-billion dollar export business, not from jungle hideouts. Cocaine travels to the U.S. in planes, ships and Mexican trucks. The FARC have no air force, no navy, no seaports - in other words, the guerillas have no access to U.S. or Europeans drug markets.

Rich ranchers fund the right-wing private paramilitaries that kill most of the civilian victims of Colombia's 40-year long civil war. The Colombian army closely coordinates its operations with the paramilitaries. The ranchers are at the heart of the Colombian drug machinery. Export-import is their business. Their vast estates are both military bastions and hubs of the cocaine economy, complete with air and surface transportation links to coastal cities. Thissemi-feudal aristocracy will soon enjoy outright rule over the country, in the person of Alvaro Uribe VĂ©lez, who will be inaugurated President in August. Heir to a family of rich ranchers, Uribe is backed by Washington and endorsed by the major U.S. media. George W. Bush's Latin American champion in the War on Terror is, in fact, the charismatic leader of the cocaine barons.

The U.S. has never intercepted any FARC drug shipments. Ever. Such shipments simply do not exist, because FARC is not a player in the international drug game.

George Bush, Condoleezza Rice and the entire, shameless media chorus scream wild fictions in the face of truth. They are absolutely unconcerned that the rest of the world knows perfectly well that they are lying. The Bush administration's propaganda, like Colombia's drugs, is strictly for U.S. domestic consumption.

The FARC must be narco-terrorists, because George Bush says so. Up is down, and down is up.

Governance by lying

The CIA thrives in this Alice in Wonderland world. The Drug Enforcement Administration, on the other hand, deserves our sympathy, even pity. The DEA is made up of cops who don't stand a chance of carrying out real police work in the CIA's domain. On June 19, the DEA's dedicated lawmen were reduced to weak mimicry of the White House political line, as they announced a "first" in the decades-long war against Colombia's FARC guerillas, the purported kingpins of cocaine:

DEA Director Asa Hutchinson today announced the arrest of Carlos Bolas, a Colombian national and a leader of the Colombian narco-terrorist group, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionaries de Colombia (FARC), for drug trafficking….

For the first time we have not only indicted a member of a terrorist organization involved in drug trafficking, but we have also arrested him.

Bolas, who may or may not be a high-ranking member of FARC, was arrested in the airport of the capital city of Suriname, one of South America's least influential countries. He and three companions, also alleged to be FARC, were not in possession of any drugs. They had been picked up for carrying false passports. Bolas was later found to be on a U.S. wanted list and was turned over to the Americans.

The airport event represents the sum total evidence of narco-trafficking by FARC, a movement that has been fighting for two generations against the rulers of their country, the cocaine capital of the world. Colombia is also the third biggest recipient of U.S. aid dollars, right behind Israel and Egypt. Any sane person must realize that the U.S. is on the wrong side of the Colombian war, and that no American War on Drugs exists. In our April 5 issue, the Black Commentator discussed the consequences of this betrayal:

Ultimately, our own people, neighborhoods and institutions will sicken and die, "fallout" victims in far greater numbers than perished at the World Trade Center….

We are most concerned about the permanent civil strife that drugs have brought to the United States: the one million men and women of color behind bars, largely because of drugs; the neighborhoods and entire cities rendered economically unviable by successive drug plagues; the drug-fueled AIDS crisis; the narco-based police state tactics that have been routine in African American communities since long before the World Trade Center was destroyed; the Black-on-Black crime that has disfigured basic human relations among our people. The list goes on, endlessly.

This is the terror that stalks Black America. This is the battle that demands our uncompromising commitment. We will get nowhere unless we force a change in U.S. foreign policy. That can only come from the U.S. Congress.

The U.S. is now at the beginning of the fifth wave of CIA-facilitated drug inundations. The first, born of the agency's post-World War Two collaboration with European mafia, established the trans-Atlantic heroin route. Next came the CIA's most notable contribution to the Vietnam War, the massive Southeast Asian connection that produced the Great Heroin Epidemic of the late Sixties and early Seventies. Less than a decade later, Afghan and Pakistani allies of the CIA flooded the inner city with more potent and cheaper heroin. Just a few years later the fourth wave broke over America, as crack cocaine made its debut, courtesy of the CIA's associates in Latin America.

The fifth flood has begun. It is already too late to stop it, and there is no U.S. agency that is capable of intervening on our behalf. Bush's global war has left the American public naked to an entire world of drug sources. New routes are being established as you read this commentary. The CIA sits atop its white powder mountain, dispensing impunity to its criminal friends.

Now you know what was at stake in the CIA-FBI bureaucratic war in Washington, four weeks ago. The bad guys won - big time. September 11 wasn't really the issue.

Note: To read the official announcement by the DEA Director of the arrest of FARC member please go to the link below:



The President took the first steps in enhancing the role of the Director of National Intelligence (Director of the CIA) when he signed three Executive Orders:

1. Strengthen Management of the Intelligence Community (Enhances the stature and authority of the Director of National Intelligence)
2. Created a National Counter-Terrorism Center (Combines the CIA Counter-terrorism Center with all others)
3. Strengthen Information Sharing to Protect Americans (Establishes a presidential board to safeguard civil liberties while combating terrorism)

The CIA Director is now given "expanded authority" but not full control of the roughly $40 billion annual U.S. Intelligence budget and the Director is now directed to "develop, determine, and present" the annual budget for foreign Intelligence programs.

So, what about the FBI?

The FBI has the lowest criminal case-filing rate for prosecution of any law enforcement agency in America. Some report it as low as 40 percent. This means the Federal prosecutors will not take their cases to trial.

Did you know that the FBI could arrest you for lying to them in an investigation? YES, no local sheriff or police office in American can do that without due process, but the FBI can arrest you if you lie or give false answers to any question.

Turf battle between the FBI and all other Federal law enforcement agencies muddles the war on terrorism. The FBI has even been accused delaying the transfer of all Intelligence they collect with the Department of Homeland Security.

The FBI fingerprinting screw-up of an American attorney in Oregon allegedly connected to the Madrid train bombings boggles the mind. Spanish authorities said that the man in Oregon was not a suspect. FBI arrested him anyway. Now we will have another millionaire-in-the-making with a lawsuit against the FBI.

Then there are the questionable activities of the FBI regarding Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Atlanta Olympics bomber, etc. The list goes on and on.


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