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More on the Obama fraud...

A lawyer working on a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that challenges the eligibility of President Obama is raising concerns over a meeting between the defendant in the case and the judges who are expected to review it.

The case is one of many brought before U.S. courts that allege Obama doesn't meet the "natural born" requirement of the U.S. Constitution for the president. It's one of about half a dozen that have reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which already has declined to grant hearings to several cases.

Orly Taitz, whose case is scheduled to be heard tomorrow in a conference among justices – a private meeting at which they review cases and decide whether they should hold a hearing – confirmed on her website today that a supplemental brief in her arguments had been distributed.

But the website also reported she "had to explain … many of us citizens are also concerned about the eight out of nine justices meeting privately with Mr. Obama (while the cases are pending)."

The blog continued, "No reporters were allowed. No attorneys were invited on behalf of the plaintiffs. This causes many of us citizens to question the rules of judicial ethics and causes us to question the impartiality on behalf of the justices."

The report said "quite a number of people" have raised their questions with their U.S. representatives over the issues.

According to a CBS report, Obama visited the Supreme Court before his inauguration at the invitation of Chief Justice John Roberts. The report described it as a protocol visit.

According to a separate published report, Obama and then-Vice President-elect Joe Biden met in a court conference room with Roberts and seven other justices for about 45 minutes.

The report said the only absent justice was Samuel Alito.

The supplemental documents in the Taitz case cite an executive order concerning qualifications issued by President Bush Jan. 16.

"This action is seeking the mandate for the U.S. State Department, the FBI and the Director of the Personnel Department to seek the documents for verifying Obama's legitimacy as president and also his citizenship of the United States," the blog reported.

The Supreme Court document reveals that the Taitz case is scheduled for conference tomorrow, and her supplemental briefs have been distributed to the justices.

Taitz said her arguments rest on precedents from both the California Supreme Court, which years ago removed a candidate for president from the ballot because he was only 34, and the U.S. Supreme Court's affirmation of the ruling. The Constitution requires a president to be 35. Her case raises the issue of Obama's birthplace and citizenship status, which also are specified in the Constitution.

The lawsuits allege in various ways that Obama does not meet the "natural born citizen" clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, which reads, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President."

A top economic adviser to President Obama has told a congressional panel the billions of dollars in the proposed economic stimulus plan should be allocated with social issues in mind, to make sure the money doesn't go to just "white male construction workers" or the highly skilled.

Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Clinton, was speaking to the House Steering and Policy Committee Jan. 7 about funding infrastructure projects across the nation.

"It seems to me that infrastructure spending is a very important and good way of stimulating the economy. The challenge will be to do it quickly, to find projects that can be done that will have a high social return, that also can be done with the greatest speed possible," Reich said.

"I am concerned, as I'm sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers," he said.

Maybe its me but it seems like they are out to create racism rather than dispel it. The closing prayer at Obama's inauguration certainly didn't appear to be aimed at God.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Some of the nation's largest farms plan to cut back on planting this spring over concerns that federal water supplies will dry up as officials deal with the drought plaguing California.

Farmers in the Central Valley said Thursday they would forego planting thousands of acres of water-thirsty canning tomatoes and already have started slashing acreage for lettuce and melons.

As growers in Fresno and Kings counties prepared to sow their dry fields with tomato seeds this week, the giant water district that supplies the irrigation for their sprinklers warned them to think again.

Computer models of the state's parched reservoirs and this year's patchy snowfall showed shortages so extreme that federal officials could slash supplies down to zero, managers at the Westlands Water District told their members in an emergency conference call.

"We thought it was important to talk to our growers so they can make important planting decisions," said Sarah Woolf, a spokeswoman for Westlands, the coalition of giant agribusinesses in the state's fertile interior.

If you are a farmer and you are weighing the risk...what are you supposed to think based on the article above? What is your banker thinking? I'm thinking they may as well close it down and go home. Never liked tomatoes anyways! Californian's need to go on a diet - good place to start.

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. government’s decision to pledge billions of additional dollars with strings attached to Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp. may be nationalization by another name, according to former bankers and regulators.

Question for you - What does it mean to be a nationalized bank?

Government Decides

“Some of these traditional management decisions are being made by the government,” said Donald Powell, 67, who was chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. from 2001 to 2005, and now lives in Amarillo, Texas. “Shareholders don’t have a voice in some of these things that are occurring.”

...one step closer to communism

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. companies are reducing dividends at the fastest rate in half a century, squeezing investors who depend on the payouts more than ever to boost returns.

Five companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index slashed $7.5 billion in outlays this month, more than all the cuts from 2003 to 2007, S&P said. Today, General Electric Co. backed the dividend it has paid since 1899 despite concern that four quarters of declining profits will sap available cash.

Any idea what this will do to the stock market? It isn't positive.

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) -- California is investigating whether Wall Street banks and financial advisers conspired to overcharge local governments for derivative contracts tied to municipal bonds, a state official said.

The antitrust investigation, with Connecticut and Florida launching similar efforts, follows inquiries by the U.S. Justice Department and class action lawsuits by cities from Oakland to Baltimore. They claim banks and advisers cost taxpayers money by rigging bids or fixing prices on financial contracts.

Another sign of the times - lack of accountability, short sightedness, and outright fraud. Once the trust is gone....

Continuing Probes

Christine Gasparac, a spokeswoman for California Attorney General Jerry Brown, confirmed California’s participation. She declined to comment further. The probe comes as the most- populous U.S. state and the biggest issuer of municipal debt struggles to close a record $42 billion deficit through next year and faces credit rating cuts on $67 billion of debt.

Those numbers are conservative.

The Swedes have a simple message to the Americans: Bite the bullet and nationalize.

Officials in Washington are trying to figure out how to shore up American banks that once ruled the financial world but now seem to weaken by the day, despite receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in government aid.

With Sweden’s banks effectively bankrupt in the early 1990s, a center-right government pulled off a rapid recovery that led to taxpayers making money in the long run.

More propaganda pushing us down the socialist road which leads straight to communism.

Moreover, he said the mere threat of nationalization nudged some Swedish bankers to find creative solutions to their problems in the 1990s.

SEB, the bank controlled by the Wallenbergs, the first family of Swedish business, engineered a private recapitalization to plug the hole in its balance sheet. Distressed assets were then placed in a bad bank of its own, freeing management to run the sound parts of the business.

They failed to mention how putting all the crap in one bad bank was good overall. What happened to the bad bank? Who bore the cost? Crap is crap. Someone took a loss either then or in the future.

After months of piecemeal efforts to stabilize foundering US banks, the administration of President Obama is promising a comprehensive approach that a key economic adviser said will require Congress and the Federal Reserve to commit "several trillions of dollars" to repair the nation's financial system and economy.

"To put it starkly, we are in a serious recession with no end clearly in sight," Volcker said. "Over time, the hard fact is several trillions of dollars will be necessary to be committed in a combination of budgetary expenditures and various guarantee and insurance programs and extensions of credit by the Federal Reserve."

This will end in tears. The Obama hysteria is not merely embarrassing to witness, it is itself contributory to the scale of the disaster that is coming. What we are experiencing, in the deepening days of a global depression, is the desperate suspension of disbelief by people of intelligence - la trahison des clercs - in a pathetic effort to hypnotise themselves into the delusion that it will be all right on the night. It will not be all right.

Last but not least...some great tips on survival from FerFal..